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Re: First time @ Laguna Seca

Thanks for the update Merlin...
Sounds like a good school.
First I've heard of removing wings. There used to be a separate fleet of school cars that had no wings. They were the old race series cars that had 4 speed crash boxes. (Those cars no longer exist) The good news is the wings give very little downforce, provide a bit of drafting help with the rear wing Hanford device, which is of virtually no importance in a 2-day advanced school, and won't substantially affect the performance of the car. So they are doing you a favor in removing meaningless bits of the car that will only cost you money and aggravation in a school environment.

Sadly Mike Marino is no longer doing in-car videos and there is no one to replace him. (Unless a new vendor has materialized on the west coast) Personal GoPro cameras are the preferred method of recording your sessions at this moment.

Going back to Laguna sounds like a good thing anytime.

Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
Just completed my 2Day Adv School and it was even better than expected. The Corkscrew was actually fun - you get it right and everything falls into place. I agree that turn 9 takes a lot of commitment to drive fast. Even after 2 days I know I could have gone faster. The instructors were great and even with a full class they had lots of feedback for everyone. I was surprised that SBRS has removed the front and rear wings from the school cars to save them for the race weekend cars, but it doesn't change the driving experience or the speed. The only drawback to the event was that the outside photo/video vendor didn't show up. I usually get an in car video to study where I can improve for next time. I'll just treat it as another reason to return to Laguna Seca.
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