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Re: January 2010 Bug Report Thread

Originally Posted by cdh View Post
So GT, you changed it to the f cars pic, right? Double Burger Better!

Harsha, added one for you, I think your profile pics and avatars got crossed up for some reason.

I see dead avatars
I go away for a couple of days and look what happens. I LOVE THE AVATAR. Yes the helmet-tux one was a large image from a camera but it worked for a long time (about 6 months). Although I liked it, was time for a change. The secret about that one was that wasn't me in the helmet or the tux. I thought it was so great that someone else thought wearing my helmet was cool that I snapped the pic. You guys know that we are rock stars to some of our friends.

Originally Posted by GT-Subject View Post
Hey CDH, Thanks for the new avatar - it looks great.:bowdown : I have always been using the gravel trap avatar you created for me but its seems that for the past few weeks it has stopped being visible.
Probably because it sounds like you have been staying out of them lately. What's wrong?
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