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Old 12-07-2013
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TUDOR USCC (nee Grand Am / ALMS) - what are your feelings on the new series?

In the interests of getting Skippyforums more active, let's get some chatter going about the new series.

Whether you love it, hate it, or still having mixed feelings about the merger and unified sports car approach in the US, it's all we have now. There were obvious pros and cons to having the two series exist. Grand Am made prototype sports car racing more affordable for sure, and the racing was always good. GT had fantastic presence and often stole part of the show. ALMS lured some of the major world players in prototype classes due to their similar rules and affliation with ACO and LeMans. Their GT racing again often was the big show when the factory prototype teams withdrew.

I wasn't thrilled with the merger, but I'm also willing to wait and see how things play out. I would also like, in time, to see a US presence again on the world stage in prototype racing, and likewise, I want to see the world players back here. So, let's give some support to to USCC, regardless of what camp (if any) we came from.

OK, let's get some dialog going.

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Old 12-10-2013
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Re: TUDOR USCC (nee Grand Am / ALMS) - what are your feelings on the new series?

I am happy about the merger, but concerned about all the people who may be unintended casualties of the business process.

For example, both series employ many officials, techs, and others, some of which are now redundant. Normal attrition will cover some of those positions, but other folks will be working less, or not at all in some cases. Hopefully the numbers affected are small.

A similar situation exists with people who work for teams that may reduce their involvement in the sport. I'm not as worried about pro drivers losing opportunities, although some will have a reduction in total races run in a year, and possibly reductions in salary with those who used to drive for two different teams in two different series.

On the positive side, I am super excited to see all the teams running together once again. I'm excited at the prospect of large fields at Daytona and Sebring, and the other tracks up to the pre-planned capacities. I'm curious to see how the DP/P2 performance comparisons balance out. I'm looking forward to the weirdness of a DP going through Turn 1 at Sebring, or the odd feeling of a P2 streaking around the banking at Daytona. I can't wait to talk to team owners on a regular basis who used to be in very different series. The racing should be fresh and interesting. Many unanswered questions, but I am pretty excited!

We will see. Hopefully Continental has their tire specs sorted out for the Roar test at Daytona, and we can get to the fun parts.
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Old 12-10-2013
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Re: TUDOR USCC (nee Grand Am / ALMS) - what are your feelings on the new series?

It seems a necessary step through the evolution of larger organizations to merge in the interest of mutual survival. How many times in racing (and in business) do we see two front-runners fighting for position, only get caught out by the guy in third just waiting for his opportunity?

As for the changes, will we even notice in five years and the kinks are all straightened? I mean, remember how repulsive (IMO) the F1 cars became in 2009? Now, all I see them as, is a technical work of art all over again... ServPro. (Like it never even happened)

Cheers everyone!
Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Choose wisely...
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