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Rolex 24 at Daytona!

Hi All,

As I write this, the Rolex 24 at Daytona is now about 20 hours old. It is the first race of the unified Tudor United SporsCar Championship, combining the best of the American LeMans Series and Grand-American Road Racing.

I've been watching from Daytona, and yes, have been awake since 7am yesterday. It's funny what sleep deprivation does to you, but I love the sport so much, it hasn't been that hard to stay awake, other than the 8am-9am period this morning, weirdly.


Gainsco / Bob Stallings Racing driver Memo Gidley had what may be the worst accident of his career yesterday a mere 92 laps into his race. While accelerating to the approach of the Turn 4 Kink, Gidley appeared to decide he wanted to pass a slower Ferrari just ahead of him on that car's left side. While we cannot know what Memo was looking at until he is interviewed, I am guessing like any coach that his eyes were focused on the car he wanted to pass, and perhaps never saw another lurking Ferrari, one driven by Risi driver Matteo Malucelli. The Risi driver had just experienced a drive issue, and was forced to slow to a walking speed. He kept to the left, well off-line, but Gidley had chosen the off-line to pass the other Ferrari. As he popped left, there was the crawling Malucelli. Gidley hit the back of Malucelli's car so hard, the Ferrari flew into the air and helicoptered to the left. The damage left Gidley with injuries requiring surgery to his left arm and left leg. He also has a back injury that will require further surgery, according to the latest statement by his team. He is currently at Halifax hospital. Malucelli is also resting at Halifax, but no specific injuries were listed for him.

Wayne Taylor is having the time of his life! He finally aligned the stars to have both his young sons driving his Daytona Prototype in the unified Tudor series. Then, as an added bonus, Wayne entered himself as a driver in the car to share the ride with them. Wayne's wife Shelly could not be more proud, nor could longtime Wayne Taylor Racing driver Max Angelleli. The four of them have led a great number of laps in this race and are currently P1 with a 15 second margin over Skippy alumni Burt Frisselle.

It appears the Corvette DP is a dominant force. Pre-season testing indicated as much, but you never really know where teams stand until the race. The predictions have held up, but a special mention must go to the Muscle Milk Pickett team, who are racing a car they have zero previous experience with, and as recently as a couple hours ago, were P4 overall. They are currently in P5 in their Oreca Nissan LMP2 car that clearly does not have the power to keep up in the straights. A mighty effort for sure!

There are so many Skip Barber alumni in this race, its hard to keep track! Long time racer / instructor Jim Pace is having a nice run. Recent Skippy National speedster Sage Karam, who was this past year's Indy Lights champion, is having a fine run in the Ganassi DP car.

There are many other stories, so have a look for yourself.

Live Timing


Watch the final laps on Fox Sports 1

Or for the technically inclined, you can stream it using the Fox Sports Go app.

Are you watching the Rolex 24? Tell us your favorite moments of the race in this thread!
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Unhappy Re: Rolex 24 at Daytona!

The last lap battle for P1 in GTD was so hard to watch -- especially since it was Spencer's Flying Lizard car fighting for the win. First they were declared P2, then the Ferrari was hit with a penalty and the Audi was deemed the winner. Now, IMSA has reversed its decision, and the Ferrari has been given the win, bumping the Audi to P2. Must be kind of awkward to have to go up to a team and ask for the Rolexes back...

IMSA's Statement

Spencer's Comment
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Re: Rolex 24 at Daytona!

The problem was they called the Ferrari for avoidable contact when there happened to be a perfectly placed video camera that showed they could not have been any closer but never actually touched. Race control isn't watching the Fox 1 feed so may not have seen that angle until the Ferrari team protested and they gathered evidence for review after the race. It was tough hard racing at the end, but probably fair. He should have left the Audi more room but on the last lap all bets are off.

That last yellow light was a cheap excuse to bring everyone together for a tight battle at the finish. As a racer I hated it, as a spectator I loved it.

Absolutely loved the lights showing class and current position on cars. Makes a huge difference for both TV and on track spectators. A no brainer game changer for all enduros going forward. Wouldn't be surprised to see it at LeMans. It means you can spend more time actually watching the cars and less time staring at Race Monitor or live timing and scoring.

Great to hear Sam Posey's commentary multiple times through the coverage. Glad he's working for both Fox and NBC.

I thought Fox way oversold commercials on the coverage. Much too intrusive to the coverage. I DVR'd the Sunday morning coverage starting at 7a and started watching at noon, about 2 hours before the race ended. Had pretty much caught up to the live finish by fast forwarding past commercials and yellow flags.

Great to see so many Skip Barber alums in the Rolex and Continental Challenge.

Was really pulling for The Taylors and Max to win it. I'm sure Wayne put himself in the car so he could retire from racing at Daytona after driving with both his sons. He got kidded for looking old and exhausted when he got out of the car but I totally got why he did it. P2 isn't bad but P1 would have been the ultimate icing on the cake. Love Jordan cultivating his mullet. Sure he's been advised by Hazmat.

Overall, for a first time unification event I thought it was well done.
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Re: Rolex 24 at Daytona!

I didnt race in the 24h but had one of the best races of my life in the ST conti race.

I am so grateful and thankful that I got to work with the best instructors out there (skippy instructors of course!) and battled with Rob Slonaker nee Rob Pobst for 15 laps!! he was amazing (both are)

It has been hard for me to transition from a skippy car to a sports car with slicks but now that i have some better feel/understanding i am driving much better
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