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Great comeback by an old friend

Phineas T. J. Craige returned to Lime Rock Park for the first time in two years to run in the Lime Rock Driver's Club spec Miata race on Saturday.

Working off the rust in practice Jim's pace was good but not quite up to that of Dan Moen or Anthony Geraci. Jim qualified 3rd ahead of John Posey who was driving a 1.6 liter ssm Miata while Jim, Don and Anthony were in newer heavier 1.8 liter sm Miata's.

At the start Jim held 3rd for 2 laps until John Posey passed him on lap 3. They traded P3 a few times until Jim pulled away as John's older tires started to fade. Jim put his head down and spent the next ten laps closing the gap to Dan Moen in P2. It took a couple more laps for Jim to get around Dan and then set his sites on Anthony. With the laps winding down it didn't look like there would be enough time to catch the leader but all the rust fell away and Jim narrowed the gap with brilliant late braking into big bend on the white flag lap putting him on Geraci's tail as they disappeared down no-name. When Anthony bobbled the downhill exit Jim was on him and crossed the stripe .054 ahead for the win!.

Leslie and the kids were at the finish line screaming their heads off as the crowd went wild seeing Jim do the impossible (normal for Jim... :-) winning his first race back.
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Re: Great comeback by an old friend

I LOVE this stuff!
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Thumbs up Re: Great comeback by an old friend

YAY! That's awesome! Congrats Jim!

So wish I could have been there to see it. Wonderful reporting, as always, Pat. I'm glad you were there to cheer him on, along with Leslie and the kids.
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Re: Great comeback by an old friend

Thanks Everyone! As always, Pat you have a way to make it read much better for me than reality! It was good to get back in the seat again. 2 years is too long.

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Re: Great comeback by an old friend

Awesome! Congrats Jim!
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