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Old 10-05-2012
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Any New Tracks for 2013?


Has anyone heard of SBRS plans to schedule 2DayAdv schools at either the NJMP or Monticello tracks? The web page shows NJMP as a location but I've never seen anything actually scheduled. When I was at LRP last Fall, I heard Monticello mentioned as a possible new track but it may have been just talk. I love LRP and the Glen but these would give me two more tracks within a 3 hour drive of home. Double the tracks - double the fun!

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Old 10-07-2012
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Re: Any New Tracks for 2013?

With no inside track on this I've heard nothing of Monticello for any programs or racing.
The regional and now defunct national race series did visit NJMP in it's first year of operation but it's not been on the schedule or mentioned since.
That doesn't mean either couldn't be in some future plans but there hasn't been any word of it.
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